Thursday, August 21, 2008

200 Things About Me

In honor of my 200th post, here are 200 random things about me:

1 I love Jesus
2 I am 29 years old
3 I am 5' 2 1/2 " tall so I round up to 5' 3"
4 I love my mama
5 I love my daddy
6 They have been married 33 years
7 I have one sister
8 My oldest niece is my Doodlebug
9 My youngest niece is with Jesus
10 I just bought my second house
11 I am on my second grown-up job
12 I worked as many as 5 odd jobs at one time in college
13 I worked for two presidents at my university
14 One through his retirement
15 One through his inauguration
16 I love old school NASCAR
17 I miss old school NASCAR
18 I am a Braves fan
19 I have not watched a single game this year
20 I hate to fly
21 I work in the aeronautics industry as a consultant
22 I went to Europe this summer
23 I want to go to Cambodia
24 And Israel
25 I have friends in both places
26 I have a best friend from growing up and one from being a grownup
27 I wouldn't trade them for anything
28 I was blessed with 3 grandparents
29 And a great-aunt who lived to be 104
30 I am the oldest child
31 And the oldest grandchild
32 I was diagnosed with depression in high school
33 It strengthened me unlike no other trial I have ever been through
34 I love The Notebook; the book and the movie
35 I hate when Hollywood screws up a book by making it into a movie
36 James is one of my favorite books of the Bible
37 I tend to vote republican
38 I like to walk on the beach
39 Or in the mountains
40 I require little social interaction to be content
41 But I love getting together with my closest friends
42 I could eat a vegetable plate for supper and be happy
43 However a good filet mignon will never be turned down by me
44 I go to weddings for the cake and punch
45 Sometimes I make my own punch because I can
46 I wish I could make wedding punch as good as All Occasions
47 The Wedding Date is my favorite movie of the last 5 years
48 Catch and Release is my favorite movie of the last 5 weeks
49 I had never seen Notting Hill until Jeremy made me watch it last Summer
50 I have run 2 Half Marathons
51 I want to do another in the next year
52 I don’t look like a runner
53 I'm thankful you don't have to have a certain "look" to run
54 Building a house with Habitat for Humanity was one of the most fun things I've ever done
55 I enjoy hands-on projects
56 The best Christmas present I ever received was a DeWalt drill
57 My dad got it for me
58 I usually have to return gifts from my mom
59 Unless I picked them out, purchased them, and sold them back to her
60 I own a Wii
61 And 2 Wii-tars
62 According to Wii Fit I am 43
63 I have my granny's wedding band set
64 My Papaw always said they couldn't get married quickly because it took him a long time to save for the rings
65 I have two degrees
66 Accounting (what I went to school for)
67 Management Information Systems (what I ended up doing as a career)
68 I use little of either in my day-to-day job
69 If I went back to school I'd either get a degree in architecture, logistics, or human resources
70 "It is Well, With my Soul" reminds me it is all gonna be ok
71 I love sushi
72 But not sea urchin
73 I'm addicted to CWTV
74 LOST rocks
75 Go Skate
76 I watched this season of So You Think You Can Dance and it wasn't bad
77 I like making fun of Mary Murphy
78 I also do a pretty darn good impersonation of her
79 I am named after the grandmother I never met
80 My mom and I share the same birthstone
81 I was born in 1979
82 I have clogged at DollyWood
83 I have never played on an organized sports team
84 I was a performance gymnast at the age of 5
85 I quit before I was 7
86 I watched Mary Lou Retton perform her gold medal routines over and over on VHS
87 I love my iPods
88 I love my Bose
89 I love electronics
90 I'd rather have electronics than jewelry
91 I would like some diamond earrings though
92 I did not like the ending to Friends
93 I cried when Everybody Loves Raymond finished
94 I have never seen the series finale of Full House or 90210
95 I remember when everyone stayed home on Friday nights for TGIF
96 I now stay home on Friday nights for Friday Night Lights
97 I love my DVR
98 Connie is the friend I've known the longest
99 Arynda is my sounding board and biggest champion
100 Shanle is always there and completely gets my randomness
101 Shay lets me have Shanle when I need her
102 Betsy is always fun for travel planning
103 I took COBOL, Visual Basic, and SQL programming in college
104 I love chick flicks
105 And some guys movies
106 I don't do scary movies
107 I only had one wisdom tooth
108 I have an addiction to FaceBook
109 Especially FaceBook Flair
110 I love Oikos Greek Yogurt
111 And flax seed and pumpkin granola
112 Oreos are a comfort food
113 Some of my favorite mid-twenties memories are Monday night tennis matches
114 I still drink my hot tea out of a mug given to me by a friend in 7th grade
115 I always thought I'd live in Nashville when I was growing up
116 And be a CPA
117 I've did neither
118 I've been in lust but never in love
119 I thought I was in love once
120 Maybe twice
121 I am only 5 degrees seperated from Kevin Bacon
122 And 2 degrees from Kenny Chesney
123 Salsaritas is my favorite Mexican Cantina followed by Moe's; no Q'doba for this girl if I can help it
124 I could eat a McAllisters beef n cheddar spud every day
125 Or pizza
126 82 Queen is my favorite downtown Charleston restaurant
127 Basil runs a close second (I had not eaten here when I did my top 5 post)
128 SouthEnd Brewery ranks right up there
129 I love Mountain Dew but gave it up (involuntarily) when I went to Europe
130 I've only had one sip since then
131 I have eaten at McDonald's in Ireland, Scotland, and England
132 I've driven on the left side of the road in Ireland
133 No one was killed in that adventure
134 The day we left for Europe is probably the only time Arynda and I have ever fought
135 I've stayed in a Hotel Indigo (thanks Betsy!)
136 Hilton Head Island is my favorite vacation spot
137 But I want to build a house in the mountains
138 My friend, Mary, has recorded a CD
139 I love going to Middleton Place Plantation
140 My paternal grandfather was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries acquired in WWII
141 My maternal grandfather was a dairy farmer
142 They were/are the best grandfathers a girl could ask for
143 I know how to define 1st/2nd/3rd cousins and the levels of "removed"
144 It drives my cousins crazy when I correct them
145 I once sold Creative Memories
146 I have never completed a scrapbook of my own
147 BlueBell icecream makes me smile
148 I have never eaten Ben & Jerry's ice cream
149 I love Marble Slab
150 And Cheesecake Factory
151 Sarcasm defines my personality
152 I get that from my dad
153 As well as my blue eyes and fair complexion
154 I am right handed like my mother
155 And I look like her
156 I like Naked juice
157 Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuits are da bomb
158 We had a raccoon as a pet on two separate occasions growing up
159 I have a scar on my finger from one of them
160 Raccoons do not like it when you try to take a bag of marshmellows from them
161 I played "The Wedding March" in my aunt's wedding
162 My dad video taped my feet swining off the bench rather than my fingers playing the notes
163 I love to cook and entertain
164 I have read every Nicholas Sparks' book
165 I was a member of the Darrell Waltrip fan club as a child
166 I remember when the front and back stretch of Bristol were concrete
167 I also remember when they were the only stands at Bristol
168 I have naturally curly/unruly hair
169 I love pajamas
170 And flip flops
171 I seldom wear high heel shoes
172 All of my post-college roommates graduated from Auburn
173 I won the blue ribbon at the Beta Club convention in 8th grade for my cross-stitch project
174 It drives me nuts that Rachel ended up with Ross; I was team Joey
175 Tulips and lilies are my favorite flowers
176 Magnolias and Dogwoods are my favorite trees
177 I've been to Disney World three times in my life
178 I love making recipes from The Pioneer Woman
179 I was a blog stalker before it was cool
180 I Rock (Guitar Hero told me so)
181 I love to read
182 My favorite joke is: why do mermaids wear seashells? Because b shells are too small and d shells are too big.
183 Laying on a float in a pool is my idea of relaxation
184 Or in a hammock in the breeze
185 Verizon is my network of choice
186 I have five lines on my plan
187 I have a pseudo-roommate: she eats here, does laundry here, but doesn't live here
188 She's moving away soon and that makes me sad
189 Secret Clinical Strength makes me not stink
190 Fiesta is my dinnerware of choice
191 Pfaltzgraff is my Christmas china
192 I collect Hallmark lighthouse ornaments
193 I love Christmas trees with white lights
194 Homemade sausage makes me happy
195 Gmail rocks
196 I like to do laundry but I hate putting it away
197 I enjoy trying new foods
198 I am OCD about how my dishes are put away
199 I have a slight obsession/addiction to Oribit gum
200 I like edamame; boiled or dehydrated

So, there you go. 200 random things about me. If you made it to the end, congratulations. If you didn't, then oh well. No worries. I still like you.


XieXie said...

I made it all the way through. Thanks for advertising me in the list. I am also glad that I will get this comment up before Shanle because I type quicker.

Shanle said...

This made me laugh out loud. Shay may type faster, but I made the list before he did! I was surprised at what your favorite Christmas gift was also (ha ha)! I love the randomness of the list though! Congratulations on #200!

Kerri said...

Cool list! I think we might could have been separated at birth. :-) Okay not really but I was shocked at how many of the things on your list could have been on mine too. I had trouble coming up with my 100 list... fortunately I have a ways to go to get to 200.