Wednesday, January 16, 2008

29 Great Things About Today

1) Arynda called me early. I mean really early. Before I left my house early.

2) My dad called after I left the house and first checked to see if he work me up. I had been up since 5:45. Seriously, once you're retired you forget other people work for a living.

3) Mom reminded me that 1:13 PM is more important than 7:00 AM

4) Mary Neill called and sang.

5) Sue called and left a voicemail.

6) I got lunch for free...well, compliments of the fact we went to a restaurant where they will not split your tab and the guys I work with are points hogs

7) I got flowers. From Arynda. I don't deserve her friendship. But I am thankful for it.

8) People wrote on my wall.

9) I got no bills in the mail!

10) Tea at the Gallery iPot is in.

11) I am healthy!

12) I have a job which challenges me in more ways than I can count.

13) I get to eat dinner here tonight.

14) Betsy sent me a Hoops and YoYo card.

15) Betsy sent me a DJ your own song card.

16) Shanle sent me a text. She didn't call me at 12:30 AM. I wouldn't have been mad at her if she had. I love her that much!

17) My Papaw read the calendar and it registered with him what today was.

18) He then sang to me on the phone.

19) My granny talked to me. She told me to call her whenever I need to.

20) This may be the last time my grandparents call me. I will cherish this memory.

21) Doodlebug picked me out a card. My sister didn't mail it because she doesn't have my address.

22) I sent myself a Facebook message from someone else's account. :-)

23) Steve Jobs did not announce a new iPod Nano. This saves me money.

24) Connie C called. Her big day is tomorrow. We're going to compare dinner notes. Italian vs. Italian.

25) My best guy friend sent me a text. After he was prompted. I'm not complaining. Guys are guys and they are forgetful. He tries. Besides, I'm not his #1 girl...I'm #2. And I'm ok with that.

26) The West family did not forget me either.

27) Traffic was not bad today...the jam was before I get on the interstate. YEAH!

28) I've reached the age where you start holding...but I'm going to keep going.

29) Jesus loves me. I love Him! It doesn't get any better than that.


Anonymous said...

#22: I wondered about that! LOL, Happy Birthday again! Sounds like a good day. Brooke

Jenny-up the hill said...

Well Happy Belated Birthday!! I love this are so creative...and at such an old age! lol!!