Monday, October 30, 2006

My List

So, my friend J wants to know what is on my list. My tangible items are:

1) A Fanklin-Covey organizer.
2) A label maker by Dyno.

However, considering I spent last Christmas sleeeping in a hospital chair next to my sister's bed so my mom could be at home with my dad, I'll be most thankful if we can just have all family members together again. Last Christmas my uncle had passed away only a few weeks prior and my sister was on bedrest in the hospital keeping Baby Emma in the oven for as long as possible. So, even though both the grandparents are not in the best of moods with their current situation (have someone sit with them 24/7), I am just asking for time spent together with my family. If we can manage that with no tirades, I'll consider that the best present ever!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The List

I have read a lot of blogs about Christmas lately. It's less than 2 months away which seems insane. I guess this year has been so full of so many things that it has flown by. I sent my mom my Christmas list a couple of weeks ago. I am the nice daughter though. My list didn't contain anything too outrageous. I am just prayerful that we will be able to spend this Christmas as a family (and NOT in a hospital.) If we can spend it together, then I'll forgo all gifts to be with those I love. It doesn't promise to be an easy Christmas, but my cousin and I are planning our entertainment in the form of Rook and Jeopardy battles.

For some light reading, visit the Gus's Mom link to the right and read her dad's response to her Christmas list (which is posted below the response.) I laughed because I've had the same responses from my dad on lists now they only go to mom.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A New Book Idea

My friend J and I had our girl's date night tonight. During this time she told me she was reading a book on silent rhetoric. I said, "Is it a story about a mime?" So we decided that a mime should title his/her autobiography "Unspoken: My Story." Is that not hilarious and perfect! And maybe it has already been done, but oh well. We thought it was funny. And it was much better than our rendition of Toby Keith's "How Do You Like Me Now." All I can say is that my roommate is much more tolerant of things than most would be. I am blessed.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


is back! Wahoo!!!! That's the most exciting thing that has happened in weeks. The opening segment was awesome...can't wait to see what is next.

I'm a Card Carrying Member Now

I finally joined the Knox County Library. I was partially inspired by E over at To Blog Is Human when she posted on being able to download audiobooks for free if you are a member. I am all about being able to add something new and exciting to my ever wonderful (and pink!) iPod mini. So, now I'm a member. I think if I could ever live somewhere unconventional I would pick the library. I love to read and am able to neglect important things for hours (or days) when faced with a good book. I'd just start in the A's and read to the Z's. I bet I would learn a lot.

Hmmm... makes me wonder if they have a book on Jack Handy quotes. I think I'll check on that next week.