Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Baking

Tomorrow I am going to hang out with my friend Whitney are little ones and do some Christmas baking.  Here are my staples for the holiday:

1. Chex Mix -- I may or may not have already made 4 batches of this in the past two weeks.  I like mine a little spicy so I've experimented with using both Tobasco sauce and Sriracha sauce as additive to give it a nice kick.  The Tobasco gives it a barely there heat while the Sriracha sauce definitely had a lingering bite.  I must admit I was a fan of both.  My granny made the best Chex Mix ever.  Don't even try to tell me so-and-so makes better Chex Mix because you are wrong.  The end.

2. Pumpkin Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookies - I saw these on Bakerella's website a couple of years ago and they are so good. With or without the frosting.  Even those who say they don't like pumpkin love these as they don't have an overwhelming pumpkin flavor.

3. Holiday Pretzel Treats - Easy, peasy, one, two, threesy.  A cool alternative is to use Rolos and pecan halves. Then it tastes like a Turtle.

4. White chocolate covered Nutter Butters.  These need to explanation as they are amazing on their own.

5. The basics - Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sugar Cookies, etc.

6. One of these days I might get brave and even try these: Decorated Christmas Cookies

Do you have any holiday baking traditions?  What is a must have for you to feel like it is Christmas?