Thursday, September 27, 2007

Apple vs. Dell

Yep...that's my predicament tonight. You see, my reward to myself for getting a new job was a new computer. Go me! So, I ordered my nice new Dell Inspiron 1520 (in red!) and am loving it. Until tonight. Tonight it is my enemy. Or maybe it is Apple's iTunes that is my enemy. Regardless of which one is my enemy, the new Dell and iTunes are definitely enemies. Apparently there is known problem with the drivers/cd burners on the Inspiron computers which do not allow them to burn playlists from iTunes. So, guess what that makes Carrie? A VERY UNHAPPY CAMPER!!!!! You see, I bought the new Bart Millard "Hymned No. 1" CD and wanted to burn a copy for my car. I have now wasted 3 CDs because they initialize and then won't burn. So, tomorrow I am going to take my nice new red Inspiron to work and cross my fingers my VERY GOOD FRIEND Adam will help me out. According to some of the message boards I need a different burner or maybe it is a software patch. Just because I am an IT person doesn't mean I understand any of this.

So, Adam, if you read this before tomorrow, you can research error "Unknown Error 2131." Thanks!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shay's Day

So, today is all about Shay. Shay is married to one of my goodest friends, Shanle. Yes, I said goodest. Get over it. I'm from the South...proper English is not expected of me. The fact that I occasionally write cohesive sentences on this blog should make you happy enough. But I have digressed. (See I even know big words like digress. Are you happy now?)

It's Shay's birthday. Shay just recently found out I have a blog so I thought I'd write a little poem for him. We'll see how it turns out. If you keep looking and there is no poem it means it didn't turn out. I just thought I'd lay it all on the line for those of you who may wonder if I'm losing it. I am, but just because I'm losing it doesn't mean you have to get all upset about it. After all, I'm moving to the beach and you aren't. So there. Oops..I digressed again. Here goes something...

September 26 is a day
It's a day to celebrate Shay
How many years I will not tell
I'm writing this on my new Dell

Shay stole Shanle's heart I fear
At least he let her stay real near
Their wedding was just like a dream
It gave Haley and I time to scheme

Happy Birthday to my friend
I just now found a key that says end
Until I learn the new computer's quirks
Silly poems like this will have to work

Shay, I hope you had a great b'day. If I had found the picture of you on the turtle I would have placed it on the blog, but it disappeared from your Facebook profile so I couldn't humiliate you in front of the 4 people who actually read this blog.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Moving on Up, to the East Coast

As you all know, I have spend the last several months knowing that my current job would be coming to an end. But I also knew God would provide. And He did. In less than 5 weeks I will be moving to North Charleston, S.C. to begin a new job with a new company. I am feeling so many emotions it is undescribeable. I am happy, sad, excited, nervous, stressed, awestruck, etc. I am still not sure how to process all of this. But I will and all will be good. I spent this past weekend on the lovely Hilton Head Island with my two favorite guys (Jeremy and Jacob) and my emotions were up and down all weekend. I hope I held myself together pretty good since I was "one of the guys" but I did get teary-eyed a few times know it was likely my last road trip with these two. I have grown to appreciate getting a car and going on an adventure with them.

Pros to Moving:..............Cons to Moving:

People will come.............My family is still here

I get to meet new people.....My friends are still here

The beach is 30 min away.....The mountains are 30 min away

Coopers River Bridge.........Knoxville Greenways

Low Country Cooking..........Pete's Coffee Shop

Publix.......................Market Square

No matter where I am though one thing stays constant: God is everywhere. Amen! So as I begin this new adventure I hope to blog more so that those I am leaving behind can experience Low Country Living with me.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Because I Said So

No, I don't suddenly have children which I believe is the point in life where the above statement becomes the 11th commandment. It's even before "thou shalt eat lots and lots of chocolate." I have used the statement on various children before, but until you reach mommy status it bares even less weight than it does when you are a mommy. Trust me on this one moms. If the aunt says it, the niece doesn't care. After all, I'm just the aunt. What do I know? My job is simply to provide nice shopping trips to Tar-gay and lots and lots of cool clothes, tents, and various other items to play with around my house. I'm cool so what I say means even less than what a mom says. But I am digressing from the reason I am posting tonight. If you are a mom of young children, were a mom of young children (meaning they are now older), or know someone who is a mom then you need to read the blog Because I Said So. I stumbled across it in a couple of the other blogs I stalk. This woman oozes creative writing talent. And it all started with an Ebay add. She is quickly becoming famous and I think every person I know should check out her stuff. So show her a little more love than she is already getting and go visit. Why? Because I said so, that's why.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday - Yesterday

I have finally decided to do one of Annie's "Time Travel Tuesdays." A lot of them have not applied to me and my 21st birthday was about the most annoying ever so I've decided I can blog about "Yesterday" (which was Labor Day for those who may live in another country.) Yes, that means one thing most importantly: I got a 3-day weekend! Praise the Lord!!!!!
So, you now ask, how did I spend my day. Well, here is my story.

I got up way too early yesterday morning. What is about those days when you don't have to be up that make you get up even earlier than you would on a work/church day. Well, I was up. So I managed to let the dog out, feed him, feed me, and then do laundry and dishes. Once the kitchen was semi-clean (my kitchen never reaches really clean because I love to eat!) I started making my dessert for the cookout I'll tell you about shortly. It was for Strawberry-Pretzel Salad. It is so yummy! It combines sweet & salty and cream cheese and fruit. So it is healthy because fruit is involved. And besides, calories don't count on holidays or days that end in "y".
I spent the rest of the morning working on a side bookkeeping job I do for a local landscaper. I then thought I should lay out in the sun which worked perfectly until a wasp decided he wanted to sunbathe in my chair. So, inside I went. What else is a girl to do at this point but take a relaxing bath prior to her nap. So, bath, nap, and then it was time to go to the PaRtAy! My best friend, A, lives at the end of a driveway which contains her parents home, her Mammaw's home, and her aunt & uncle's home. Well, Aunt L and Uncle B have a pool. So that was my first stop. You see, Uncle B has fallen in love with my I had left it there on Sunday afternoon for the kids to play. Since they play my Wii, I get to swim in their pool. After some pool time, A and I went in to help prepare the feast for grilling: steak, vegetable kabobs, salmon...YUMMY! After we ate the food, A, her boyfriend C, and I got in the pool with 5 of the 8 grandkids. It was a blast. I have recently been spending more time at Aunt L and Unclel B's so their grandkids are warming up to me quickly. Let me just say, if you are having a hard time getting kids to open up to you, bring a Wii. I have become the next best thing to sliced bread in their eyes. So, Wii time, Pretzel salad, swimming and eating with good friends. What more could a girl ask for?

Monday, September 03, 2007

Memory Monday - High School Spirit

Since this past June celebrated me being out of high school for 10 years I've decided to do this "Monday Memory" which I saw over at Vader's Mom and she snagged it from somewhere else. So, enjoy my trip down memory lane with me.

1. Who was your best friend? Connie...and she is still one of my best friends
2.Did you play any sports? Nope, but I think I attended at least one of every activity as a fan, even cross-country (I lived one mile from the park that held the course... am I not the best friend an athlete could have!
3. What kind of car did you drive? Honda Accord then a Dodge Neon
4. It’s Friday night. Where were you? Either a football/basketball game or with my parents
5. Were you a party animal? No. I need sleep.
6. Were you considered a flirt? It would depend on who you asked
7. Were you in the band, orchestra or choir? Choir senior year
8. Were you a nerd? If I would have tried harder, I suppose I could have been
9. Were you ever suspended or expelled? Nope.
10. Can you sing the fight song? I don't know if we had one
11. Who was your favorite teacher? Kathleen Terry
12. What was your school mascot? Trojan
13. Did you go to the Prom? Junior only
14. If you could go back, would you? There is not enough money in the world to make me go back
15. What do you remember most about graduation? I sat next to my friend Justin, and he made up his own words to the Frank Sinatra songs the band played
16. Where were you on Senior Skip Day? At school
17. Did you have a job your senior year? I worked at a pharmacy
18. Where did you go most often for lunch? The cafeteria...we weren't allowed anywhere else
19. Have you gained weight since then? Too much...but I would never want to be that skinny again.
20. What did you do after graduation? Went to Project Graduation then left at 8 the next morning for MissionFuge
21. What year did you graduate? 1997
22. Who was your Senior Prom Date? Didn't go...Mom & Dad took me out to eat and then shopping. Then I hit the after prom breakfast at my friend Emily's house. My WHOLE youth group was there
23. Are you going/did you go to your 10 year reunion? Nope.