Sunday, September 09, 2007

Moving on Up, to the East Coast

As you all know, I have spend the last several months knowing that my current job would be coming to an end. But I also knew God would provide. And He did. In less than 5 weeks I will be moving to North Charleston, S.C. to begin a new job with a new company. I am feeling so many emotions it is undescribeable. I am happy, sad, excited, nervous, stressed, awestruck, etc. I am still not sure how to process all of this. But I will and all will be good. I spent this past weekend on the lovely Hilton Head Island with my two favorite guys (Jeremy and Jacob) and my emotions were up and down all weekend. I hope I held myself together pretty good since I was "one of the guys" but I did get teary-eyed a few times know it was likely my last road trip with these two. I have grown to appreciate getting a car and going on an adventure with them.

Pros to Moving:..............Cons to Moving:

People will come.............My family is still here

I get to meet new people.....My friends are still here

The beach is 30 min away.....The mountains are 30 min away

Coopers River Bridge.........Knoxville Greenways

Low Country Cooking..........Pete's Coffee Shop

Publix.......................Market Square

No matter where I am though one thing stays constant: God is everywhere. Amen! So as I begin this new adventure I hope to blog more so that those I am leaving behind can experience Low Country Living with me.

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Jenny-up the hill said...

Oh wow! How exciting and hard all at the same time...but you're absolutely correct about God being everywhere and that's always comforting.

I'm just a smidge jealous that you will be eating all that great seafood over crab legs...nothing like crab legs that are fresh. Most of the time the legs around here taste like they've been boiled in toilet water..ack!

...and I'm glad to hear that you will be blogging more...I think you write well and I enjoy your posts!