Thursday, September 27, 2007

Apple vs. Dell

Yep...that's my predicament tonight. You see, my reward to myself for getting a new job was a new computer. Go me! So, I ordered my nice new Dell Inspiron 1520 (in red!) and am loving it. Until tonight. Tonight it is my enemy. Or maybe it is Apple's iTunes that is my enemy. Regardless of which one is my enemy, the new Dell and iTunes are definitely enemies. Apparently there is known problem with the drivers/cd burners on the Inspiron computers which do not allow them to burn playlists from iTunes. So, guess what that makes Carrie? A VERY UNHAPPY CAMPER!!!!! You see, I bought the new Bart Millard "Hymned No. 1" CD and wanted to burn a copy for my car. I have now wasted 3 CDs because they initialize and then won't burn. So, tomorrow I am going to take my nice new red Inspiron to work and cross my fingers my VERY GOOD FRIEND Adam will help me out. According to some of the message boards I need a different burner or maybe it is a software patch. Just because I am an IT person doesn't mean I understand any of this.

So, Adam, if you read this before tomorrow, you can research error "Unknown Error 2131." Thanks!

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