Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday - Yesterday

I have finally decided to do one of Annie's "Time Travel Tuesdays." A lot of them have not applied to me and my 21st birthday was about the most annoying ever so I've decided I can blog about "Yesterday" (which was Labor Day for those who may live in another country.) Yes, that means one thing most importantly: I got a 3-day weekend! Praise the Lord!!!!!
So, you now ask, how did I spend my day. Well, here is my story.

I got up way too early yesterday morning. What is about those days when you don't have to be up that make you get up even earlier than you would on a work/church day. Well, I was up. So I managed to let the dog out, feed him, feed me, and then do laundry and dishes. Once the kitchen was semi-clean (my kitchen never reaches really clean because I love to eat!) I started making my dessert for the cookout I'll tell you about shortly. It was for Strawberry-Pretzel Salad. It is so yummy! It combines sweet & salty and cream cheese and fruit. So it is healthy because fruit is involved. And besides, calories don't count on holidays or days that end in "y".
I spent the rest of the morning working on a side bookkeeping job I do for a local landscaper. I then thought I should lay out in the sun which worked perfectly until a wasp decided he wanted to sunbathe in my chair. So, inside I went. What else is a girl to do at this point but take a relaxing bath prior to her nap. So, bath, nap, and then it was time to go to the PaRtAy! My best friend, A, lives at the end of a driveway which contains her parents home, her Mammaw's home, and her aunt & uncle's home. Well, Aunt L and Uncle B have a pool. So that was my first stop. You see, Uncle B has fallen in love with my Wii...so I had left it there on Sunday afternoon for the kids to play. Since they play my Wii, I get to swim in their pool. After some pool time, A and I went in to help prepare the feast for grilling: steak, vegetable kabobs, salmon...YUMMY! After we ate the food, A, her boyfriend C, and I got in the pool with 5 of the 8 grandkids. It was a blast. I have recently been spending more time at Aunt L and Unclel B's so their grandkids are warming up to me quickly. Let me just say, if you are having a hard time getting kids to open up to you, bring a Wii. I have become the next best thing to sliced bread in their eyes. So, Wii time, Pretzel salad, swimming and eating with good friends. What more could a girl ask for?

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annie said...

I like your theory on calories.
My son's wii is always a big hit, the last family get together his room was full of adults playing his games...
Sounds like a really nice day!