Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As I sit here in a hotel room in the midwest I have too much time to think sometimes.

And sometimes those thoughts go like this:

What if there was someone waiting for me when I got home, who had missed me all week.

What if there was someone to call me in the evenings and let me vent and share my frustrations a well as share how much I have been surprised at what we have accomplished this week. And just to share life with in general.

What if there was someone to remind me that when all seems hopeless that there is Hope.

What if there was someone to text me randomly during the day just to say hello because I was on their mind. Or good night because I was the last thing on their mind.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind being single, most of the time. I have opportunities my married friends don't have. And I know that a perfect relationship would not encompass all of the above, all of the time. But sometimes, just sometimes I wish I had that chance. The chance to experience at least some of it.

Monday, May 03, 2010

The Post Where I Finally Tell You About My Trip, Part 1

So I teased almost two months ago about where I was at that time. So, here's some more information. Through some life circumstances I had the amazing opportunity to go to India. While there I was able to see things that I will remember for the rest of my life: things both magnificent in Earthly beauty and heartbreaking in eternal significance.

I rode a train (train station in New Delhi). The railway system within India is their largest employer of people. For a relatively cheap price you get a train ride and food. And the food isn't bad. Airlines could learn something from this.

I "petted" an elephant made out of broken pieces of pottery. I rode a camel at this location. Worst. Experience. Ever. Camel's are totally overrated. Especially with 3 adult on them. But it was an experience.

I rode in a cab. It was a Toyota. I felt right at home. Except for the fact that this cab ride which lasted about 6 hours in each direction was the equivalent of ground turbulence. We would be riding along and all of the sudden the road would drop several inches. The only thing I can think of to relate it to is air turbulence, but we were on the ground. I think.

I donned the traditional clothing of the region and visited the Golden Temple. While I may be smiling in this picture, the sadness of this was so overwhelming. People so close to believing what is right yet so far away. It is also so surreal to see such beauty in the midst of a city that is so dirty.

I also got a glance of Pakistan. Daily there is a pep rally at the border of the two countries where there is a "changing of the guards" type celebration with a contest between the Indian and Pakistani guards to see who can kick the highest. There is dancing and celebration and both sides have a grand time. It's quite interesting to see as these two countries are not known to be friendly at all times.

More to come....