Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2 Weeks as a Carolina Girl

Today marks the 2 week anniversary of my time in Charleston. In some ways it doesn't feel like it has been 2 weeks and in other ways it feels like I've been here forever. I LOVE MY JOB! I am already getting to contribute so much. They have not had an SAP payroll "expert" in the position for a while and the person currently doing it has never supported a live implementation. This job is the only one she has ever been on and she started in training. So she is eager to learn tricks surrounding payroll. I am getting to learn about time and org management which I find extremely exciting. It is so great working with someone in a situation where I feel like I can contribute and learn. It's very rewarding. I have also figured out some stuff I've never supported and neither has she so we are both excited. Danna and Tony should be so proud that they taught me so well how to dig and find the answer. It is super rewarding also. I don't care much for apartment living, but for 50 more weeks this is home (not that I am counting or anything.) My house has shown 3 times (it shows again on Saturday) and there have been no offers. I am praying it will sell soon. Then I can buy a coffee table, book shelf, and a dining room table. My co-worker used to live in Charleston and she told me the name of a great furniture store with great prices and sales so I am excited about checking it out. My family is coming to visit next weekend and I am pumped to get to show them my new home and surroundings. Also Murphy will be moving down there at that time. He and I will have many adventures together and it is great that there is a sidewalk along the road in front of my house so I'll be able to take him on nice long walks. This weekend I am going to focus on unpacking the rest of my boxes and putting some sort of order to the place. That way when the fam comes next weekend, they can't complain too much about the disorder. I am also going to visit my firsh church here. I am debating between two different visits: East Cooper Baptist and Sea Coast Church. Check out the websites and let me know what you think. Oh, and I went on my first work dinner to Coast on Monday night. It was great seafood and good to get to know my team members more.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Birthday Girl

Last week Doodlebug turned 5. Today Favorite Cousin Jennifer turns 21. Doodlebug loves Jennifer. Last week she even loved her more than she loved Favorite Cousin Daniel. I feel a family war coming. To be settled at Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday - Most Adventurous Act

(I cannot post the image due to a blogger error. I will do it tomorrow.)

This week Annie is asking us to tell about our most adventurous act. Moving to Charleston is definitely the most adventurous thing I have ever done. (Well, aside from killing the black widow spider, but I've already told that story.) I told my mom that moving to college was nothing major because I always knew I would. Then moving to K-town after college was expected because when you graduate from college you have to take a job and move somewhere. And an hour from where I grew up is hardly what I'd call a "big move." However, picking up my life, packing up my first home, and moving 5.5 hours away was an adventure. Yes, I know it isn't moving half-way around the world, which is literally what two of my friends have done, but it is still a HUGE adventure for me, a girl who always wanted to build a small home on her grandparent's farm and retire there with her dog and niece running around everywhere. I'm a small town girl, who had big town dreams, who then realized she really is a small town girl. So, now I am a small town girl living in a big city 5.5 hours from everything familiar. Yes, I come here often on vacation, but living here will be an adventure. I hope to take advantage of everything the city has to offer and treat it as a long-term vacation. I don't want to become so complacent in my daily living that I forget all of the history there is around me. I found a wonderful website which tells me events that are happening in the area. I am terribly sad to read I missed "A Taste of Charleston" by mere days, but I know that next year I will be there. I will also drive a couple of hours north to Irmo to attend the Okra Strut (it's a festival, ya'll.) Yes, folks, you read it here, there is a festival totally devoted to fried okra. Life doesn't get much better than that folks. Well, enough about my big adventure. I hope you'll continue to join me as I continue to tell you more about it.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Itsy, Bitsy Spider Drives Me Nuts!!!!

A week or so ago I wrote a blog about the spider who climbed into my TV. Well, here he is. Yes, it's a he. I am positivie. His name is Charlie. Ok, so I'm not positive the spider is a he, but wishful thinking is better than wondering if it really is Charlotte and she is looking to have little Charlotte's in my TV. So here's Charlie. Holly walked up to the TV last Sunday and "touched" him through the screen. He froze up into a little ball and I haven't seen him since. May he rest in peace.

On to spider story #2. I was up at 4:00 AM on Wednesday morning finishing up some packing for the move. I went into the garage because I knew there was a Rubbermaid container that was not completely full. I went to move a camping chair off the top and noticed a spider. Upon closer look I learned it was not your everyday spider. Nope. Carrie's life is not that easy. It had to be a Black Widow. You got it. Carrie + 4 AM + Poisonous Spider = NOT FUN!!!! I almost called my dad because he is fascinated by all things poisonous (spiders, snakes, etc.) It's weird, I know, but he's my dad so I love him regardless. But I decided I would be brave so I looked up the best way to kill said spider. I didn't want to smash her because Dad would want to see her. So, from a website I learned oven cleaner does a good job killing them. So armed with a can of bug killer and oven cleaner I soaked her down really well. Then I rinsed out a salsa jar and scooted her into it with a fly swatter. So, she is now preserved at my home for my dad to investigate. It only took me an hour to get brave enough to do all of this and move on with my packing. Since my original plan was to get up at 5:00 AM and get started, I was right on track.

And the final spider story. Arynda and I arrived in Charleston around 5:30 PM. I got my lease signed and the movers called to say they were an hour out. So we went out to get something to eat and pick up a few groceries. We came back and the movers were here so we started moving boxes around as they brought them up to the apartment. I went into the master closet to put something up and lo-and-behold a spider was attemting to build a web from the ceiling to the floor. So I decided this spider (which I'm sure was female) had to go. Bye-bye spider.

Hopefully all the future spiders who would want to impose themselves into my life will read this blog and know that coming into my life is hazardous to their health. But if they miss the memo, I am ready to attack at a moment's (or hour's) notice.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Doodlebug is 5

Craziness fell upon my sister's home last weekend as my niece turned the ever-important age of 5. For the party this year she decided to go with a cowgirl theme. However, the festivities started on Friday with me taking cupcakes to her school for her classmates to enjoy.

On Saturday it was cowgirl all the way! I showed up a little early to add the ever important french-braid pigtails to the cowgirl outfit. Here is the final product. Unfortunately Doodlebug is not camera friendly, so since I was trying to do a black and white and just pick up the pink, I didn't get a real picture of her outfit. But at least you get to see her lovely smile instead of her "rolling my eyes and glaring at you for trying to take my picture for the 15,000th time today" look.

Horseback rides were available for the children. Only for my niece would I climb upon a large animal and be led around a field. Not my cup-o-tea. But the things we will do for the little ones in our lives.

The kids had a lovely time and the adults roasted tons and tons of hotdogs and marshmellows for little mouths. Ok, who am I kidding, the marshmellows were all for me. I can't believe she is 5 years old. So much has happened in the last 5 years and it seems so long, yet not long enough.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Yep, I've made it to moving day. Am I packed and ready to go? Heck no. I've never been ready for anything in my entire life. I'll be the one who is late to her own funeral. Of course, by that time it won't be my fault I'm late, but those who come to pay their respects will say "she always was fashionably late." I have lots to blog about but there just hasn't been time the last couple of weeks. Here is what we need to discuss in upcoming posts:

1) Doodlebug turned 5! Craziness, I know.
2) Spiders...I HATE them
3) Pressure Washing
4) Farewell to my first home

I looke forward to catching up with each and everyone one of my 5 readers once I am settled in South Carolina. And hopefully I will find the cable that hooks from my camera to my computer so I can upload some pics as well. Until we meet again, God Bless!

Friday, October 05, 2007

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...Climbed Into My TV!!!!

Yesterday afternoon I was taking a much needed break from packing and decided to watch last week's episode of "Ugly Betty." Leisurely laying upon my couch I noticed a small spider crawling around on my TV. Being the oh-so-very-brave person I am, I got my trusty facial tissue and walked up to the TV to rid my home of this uninvited guest. I went to smash the nasty little critter when I noticed he wasn't on my TV. So my next thought was he was part of the scene, some sort of advertisement for a new show, etc. So I changed the channel. Spider was still there. Yep, the pesky little thing has set up a home INSIDE my TV. So yesterday as I watched "Ugly Betty" my spider watched "Ugly Betty." He also got to watch "Grey's Anatomy" and this morning he has watched a lovely couple get married on the "Today Show." I really hope he plans on moving out before I move to SC. I also hope it is a he and not a she because so help me if that spider builds an egg sak in my TV I'm going to have a HUGE problem on my hand. So while it is a cute story, I want this spider washed down the TV spout.

Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm How Old?

Tonight I went to see Jeremy play softball since it will be my last opportunity to see him play this year. As I was sitting there talking to his mom and dad, his dad was making fun of the fact that until children are 2 years old women always refer to them in months. For example:

Carrie: So, how old is Charlotte?
Terrie: She's 21 months.
Jimmy: Why don't you just say she is almost 2?
Terrie: Because when they are that little things change so much from month to month.

So, I decided I'll start telling my age in months rather than years. I'll either feel younger or older...I haven't decided yet. In 15 days I will be 345 months old. WOW! Ok, so it made me feel old. Which is good because as we were sitting there chatting about age, these two kids were hitting a beach ball back and forth. The ball came flying over toward me and one yelled, "you almost hit that lady!" I looked around. Where was the lady? I realized she was calling me a lady. Yep, I've finally grown old enough that children refer to me as a lady and not a girl. I feel old. It's 9:33 P.M. I should be in bed. Goodnight to all.

Travel Itenerary Completed

My friend Leah and I decided that she needs to come visit me at my new home. My friend Shay told me I should charge Leah to stay at my place (since she wouldn't be paying for a hotel.) So, Leah and I decided tonight that when Shanle and Shay come to visit she'll just tag along. That way she can come for free. Brilliant...that's what Leah and I were as we devised this plan.