Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2 Weeks as a Carolina Girl

Today marks the 2 week anniversary of my time in Charleston. In some ways it doesn't feel like it has been 2 weeks and in other ways it feels like I've been here forever. I LOVE MY JOB! I am already getting to contribute so much. They have not had an SAP payroll "expert" in the position for a while and the person currently doing it has never supported a live implementation. This job is the only one she has ever been on and she started in training. So she is eager to learn tricks surrounding payroll. I am getting to learn about time and org management which I find extremely exciting. It is so great working with someone in a situation where I feel like I can contribute and learn. It's very rewarding. I have also figured out some stuff I've never supported and neither has she so we are both excited. Danna and Tony should be so proud that they taught me so well how to dig and find the answer. It is super rewarding also. I don't care much for apartment living, but for 50 more weeks this is home (not that I am counting or anything.) My house has shown 3 times (it shows again on Saturday) and there have been no offers. I am praying it will sell soon. Then I can buy a coffee table, book shelf, and a dining room table. My co-worker used to live in Charleston and she told me the name of a great furniture store with great prices and sales so I am excited about checking it out. My family is coming to visit next weekend and I am pumped to get to show them my new home and surroundings. Also Murphy will be moving down there at that time. He and I will have many adventures together and it is great that there is a sidewalk along the road in front of my house so I'll be able to take him on nice long walks. This weekend I am going to focus on unpacking the rest of my boxes and putting some sort of order to the place. That way when the fam comes next weekend, they can't complain too much about the disorder. I am also going to visit my firsh church here. I am debating between two different visits: East Cooper Baptist and Sea Coast Church. Check out the websites and let me know what you think. Oh, and I went on my first work dinner to Coast on Monday night. It was great seafood and good to get to know my team members more.


Anonymous said...

My vote is for Sea Coast. No particular reason why, but it makes me think of Northpoint. Looks great!


Anonymous said...

Carrie, I'm happy that you are enjoying your job. Glad to see that my working with you over the years is contributing to your current success. Your post has made my day.

Take care! Tony.

PL said...

Carrie!! Keep the updates coming. I plan on posting again this weekend.