Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm How Old?

Tonight I went to see Jeremy play softball since it will be my last opportunity to see him play this year. As I was sitting there talking to his mom and dad, his dad was making fun of the fact that until children are 2 years old women always refer to them in months. For example:

Carrie: So, how old is Charlotte?
Terrie: She's 21 months.
Jimmy: Why don't you just say she is almost 2?
Terrie: Because when they are that little things change so much from month to month.

So, I decided I'll start telling my age in months rather than years. I'll either feel younger or older...I haven't decided yet. In 15 days I will be 345 months old. WOW! Ok, so it made me feel old. Which is good because as we were sitting there chatting about age, these two kids were hitting a beach ball back and forth. The ball came flying over toward me and one yelled, "you almost hit that lady!" I looked around. Where was the lady? I realized she was calling me a lady. Yep, I've finally grown old enough that children refer to me as a lady and not a girl. I feel old. It's 9:33 P.M. I should be in bed. Goodnight to all.

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Adam said...

that's not too old - still have a while before the "over the hill" jokes start heading your way. :)