Friday, October 05, 2007

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...Climbed Into My TV!!!!

Yesterday afternoon I was taking a much needed break from packing and decided to watch last week's episode of "Ugly Betty." Leisurely laying upon my couch I noticed a small spider crawling around on my TV. Being the oh-so-very-brave person I am, I got my trusty facial tissue and walked up to the TV to rid my home of this uninvited guest. I went to smash the nasty little critter when I noticed he wasn't on my TV. So my next thought was he was part of the scene, some sort of advertisement for a new show, etc. So I changed the channel. Spider was still there. Yep, the pesky little thing has set up a home INSIDE my TV. So yesterday as I watched "Ugly Betty" my spider watched "Ugly Betty." He also got to watch "Grey's Anatomy" and this morning he has watched a lovely couple get married on the "Today Show." I really hope he plans on moving out before I move to SC. I also hope it is a he and not a she because so help me if that spider builds an egg sak in my TV I'm going to have a HUGE problem on my hand. So while it is a cute story, I want this spider washed down the TV spout.

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