Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Yep, I've made it to moving day. Am I packed and ready to go? Heck no. I've never been ready for anything in my entire life. I'll be the one who is late to her own funeral. Of course, by that time it won't be my fault I'm late, but those who come to pay their respects will say "she always was fashionably late." I have lots to blog about but there just hasn't been time the last couple of weeks. Here is what we need to discuss in upcoming posts:

1) Doodlebug turned 5! Craziness, I know.
2) Spiders...I HATE them
3) Pressure Washing
4) Farewell to my first home

I looke forward to catching up with each and everyone one of my 5 readers once I am settled in South Carolina. And hopefully I will find the cable that hooks from my camera to my computer so I can upload some pics as well. Until we meet again, God Bless!


Adam said...

Have a great moving day! I'm sure all will go well - I looke forward to hearing about the new place.

Anonymous said...

I'm still reading.