Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Itsy, Bitsy Spider Drives Me Nuts!!!!

A week or so ago I wrote a blog about the spider who climbed into my TV. Well, here he is. Yes, it's a he. I am positivie. His name is Charlie. Ok, so I'm not positive the spider is a he, but wishful thinking is better than wondering if it really is Charlotte and she is looking to have little Charlotte's in my TV. So here's Charlie. Holly walked up to the TV last Sunday and "touched" him through the screen. He froze up into a little ball and I haven't seen him since. May he rest in peace.

On to spider story #2. I was up at 4:00 AM on Wednesday morning finishing up some packing for the move. I went into the garage because I knew there was a Rubbermaid container that was not completely full. I went to move a camping chair off the top and noticed a spider. Upon closer look I learned it was not your everyday spider. Nope. Carrie's life is not that easy. It had to be a Black Widow. You got it. Carrie + 4 AM + Poisonous Spider = NOT FUN!!!! I almost called my dad because he is fascinated by all things poisonous (spiders, snakes, etc.) It's weird, I know, but he's my dad so I love him regardless. But I decided I would be brave so I looked up the best way to kill said spider. I didn't want to smash her because Dad would want to see her. So, from a website I learned oven cleaner does a good job killing them. So armed with a can of bug killer and oven cleaner I soaked her down really well. Then I rinsed out a salsa jar and scooted her into it with a fly swatter. So, she is now preserved at my home for my dad to investigate. It only took me an hour to get brave enough to do all of this and move on with my packing. Since my original plan was to get up at 5:00 AM and get started, I was right on track.

And the final spider story. Arynda and I arrived in Charleston around 5:30 PM. I got my lease signed and the movers called to say they were an hour out. So we went out to get something to eat and pick up a few groceries. We came back and the movers were here so we started moving boxes around as they brought them up to the apartment. I went into the master closet to put something up and lo-and-behold a spider was attemting to build a web from the ceiling to the floor. So I decided this spider (which I'm sure was female) had to go. Bye-bye spider.

Hopefully all the future spiders who would want to impose themselves into my life will read this blog and know that coming into my life is hazardous to their health. But if they miss the memo, I am ready to attack at a moment's (or hour's) notice.

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Tiffany said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It helps to hear that there are other people who have gone through similar situations and made it through.

I think that an hour to conquer a spider is good. I hate all things spiders! I would have been calling my dad if my husband was not home!