Monday, November 12, 2007

I Have Been a VERY Bad Friend

So, in my hiatus (unintentional) from blogging, I missed the tribute to Shanle on her birthday. So, for her 3rd unbirthday of this year of her life here we go.

S - Shay's wife. Remember Shay. Yep, they are still one of my favorite couples ever.
H - Honest. Shanle is always honest when you need or to be or when you don't want her to be. You always know where you stand around her. A great characteristic and I love her for it.
A - Angel with a choir robe on. Ok, maybe not anymore. But she was when I first met her. I still enjoy sitting next to her and hearing her praise Jesus on Sundays.
N - Neat gift giver. She went to Kenya and brought me back the coolest bracelet that she knew I wouldn't like. It was orange and white. No, I'm not a Vol fan, but I loved it anyways. It represents the #20. Go Tony Go. It's in my car so I think of her everytime I put the car into drive or park.
L -Long way away. Ok, really not so long, but she isn't just down the road anymore. And she isn't saving me a seat on the 3rd row at chuch anymore. But she is always around on Facebook to poke me and send me messages.
E - Ever-forgiving. She doesn't hold it against me that it took me 3 days to get this posted. She's just pumped she got her own blog entry.

So, Shanle, I love you and I hope you had a great day. Love, Kari.

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Anonymous said...

You ROCK!!! You made my day. That was a great birthday present and we all know it's all about stretching it out. It doesn't matter if the week wraps around. It's always better celebrated for a week!!! Hope you have a great week at work and I can't wait to see you and save you a seat on the 3rd row! Love you bunches! Shanle