Sunday, November 18, 2007

Text the Troops

As Thanksgiving approaches and I dread the 5+ hour car ride home (my first with the dog) it is hard for me to imagine not spending this time with my family. Yes, driving home is not a lot of fun (especially with the oil barons getting rich and me getting poor) but I am going home. When I accepted this new position in this new city so many hundred miles away, I knew I would not see my family as often as I had been. But with one friend currently living in southern Asia and another friend moving to the Middle East soon I knew that I was thankful that it only took me 5 hours to get home and I could go. They don't have the luxury of doing that. Another group of people who will not be spending Thanksgiving with their families are our troops. I love our troops. I love that these men and women voluntarily sign up to serve our country. I respect them more than I could ever tell someone and the fact that they know when they sign up it could mean going into war, makes it even more special. My dad is a veteran. My grandfather was a veteran. I have several friends who have served and are currently serving in the armed forces. I work next to an Air Force base and see our men and women in uniform on a daily basis. It warmed my heart when I read an article on how we can say thanks this holiday season. It's part of the "America Supports You" program. Check out the links in the box below to see how you can make your support known and thank the troops for serving you.

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jenny-up the hill said...

Nice post. I feel the same way you do about our troops, but there are times that I just flat out forget about them. I get so caught up in my busy day and all the pitiful things happening to me that I forget about what they are enduring. Thanks for the reminder. I used to write memorials for Some Gave All...I need to pick that back up again, ya know?

Anyway..I'll be praying for safe travel for you as you head on back up this way...