Thursday, October 26, 2006

The List

I have read a lot of blogs about Christmas lately. It's less than 2 months away which seems insane. I guess this year has been so full of so many things that it has flown by. I sent my mom my Christmas list a couple of weeks ago. I am the nice daughter though. My list didn't contain anything too outrageous. I am just prayerful that we will be able to spend this Christmas as a family (and NOT in a hospital.) If we can spend it together, then I'll forgo all gifts to be with those I love. It doesn't promise to be an easy Christmas, but my cousin and I are planning our entertainment in the form of Rook and Jeopardy battles.

For some light reading, visit the Gus's Mom link to the right and read her dad's response to her Christmas list (which is posted below the response.) I laughed because I've had the same responses from my dad on lists now they only go to mom.

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Tryphena said...

Red boots! Red boots!
What's on your list?