Monday, January 28, 2008

5 - Mercato

This week I am going to count down my 5 favorite dining experiences since I moved to the Low-Country. So, enjoy a "taste of the Low Country" with me.

I was treated to Mercato for #29. You can read about that here. This is an Italian restaurant in the downtown Charleston area. It is across the street from the Charleston City Market and Daughters of the Confederacy museum. But enough about location...this post is about food. And good food it was. For an appetizer we ordered an olive and pickle plate. Those who know me best know I can't stand olives, but I've never met a pickle that I didn't want to consume. And consume those little babies I did. They were very different tasting, but again it is a pickle. I. Do. Not. Discriminate.

On to the main course. I, being a web guru (and lover of knowing all things ahead of time) had already purused the menu prior to going to this establishment. Well, actually I had to pick a place so I perused a couple of different menus before decided on this one. But that's another story for another time. Long story short, I chose the beef marsala grilled flat iron steak with sauteed wild mushrooms, haricot vert, and mashed potatoes. Mmmm, Mmmm, good. The steak was cook perfectly, the potatoes were divine, and I learned that haricot vert is a fancy smancy way of saying green bean. All in all a very good meal. are #5 on my list.

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Jenny-up the hill said...

Anything Marsala sounds good to me! lol! And I love that I've found someone else who checks out the menu online before going to the restaurant! Are we weird?! lol!