Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 Goals Revisted

So, I failed. I won't say I failed miserably because I did make progress on most of the goals, but I didn't focus as intently on the ones of highest eternal importance and I only actually accomplished a couple of these completely. So here is the list of last years goals and the final status of each.

1. Memorize 26 individual verses and 1 chapter of the Bible -- failed
2. Read the New Testament -- I read in the New Testament but did not read the whole thing
3. Run 3 times per week -- failed miserably...but I'm still trying!
4. Keep house cleaner (not necessarily spotless, just cleaner!) well, this one was much better before I moved to a smaller place.
5. Eat healthier -- I've definitely improved in this area but have miles to go
6. Lent: Give Up Eating Out -- I only had to eat out when I was out of town...and I felt better and lost weight during this time. Go me!
7. Find a new job -- read about it here
8. Run 3rd half marathon (hope for personal best) -- didn't happen
9. Raise $150 for Cystic Fibrosis -- I raised $270! Woohoo!!!!!!!! To my blogger friends who donated, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
10. Take meals to Ronald McDonald House Twice -- Does it count I visited my mom twice when she took meals? I didn't think so either.
11. Read all the books on my nightstand and dresser (except the scary one that mom lent me) -- I actually think I accomplished most of this...but I no longer have a dresser so they aren't on it any more. Hmmm....
12. Watch all the movies that I own (DVD and VHS) -- probably a 65-75% success rate. Although I did watch some of them on TV rather than getting the VHS out and hooking up the VCR.
13. Go hiking at least 4 times -- Does hiking up the stairs at work and my apartment count? I have also hiked around Charleston several times. Oh, and I hike back and forth between the two builds. A lot.
14. Finish cross-stitch projects -- I finished the one I started in high school. Yeah. It was a long time coming. I have the next one about 70% complete. It was much larger than I anticipated.
15. Finish scrapbooks that are "in-process" -- don't ask.

So, as I enter 2008 and am thinking through my goals (not resolutions) for this year expect several of the above to resurface. And some new goals as well. After all, we all need some new for the New Year.

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