Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Time Travel Tuesday

I will start this post off by saying I am not a Valentine's person. In fact I think it is a stupid holiday and I say that having been in relationships on February 14. I have just celebrated Christmas and my birthday. It would be better served for me if it were in July. However, a few years ago I was dating someone and they were planning on being out of town for Valentine's Day. Seeing as how I don't enjoy the holiday I didn't say anything. When he figured it out he cancelled his plans (left the following day) so we could do something. How sweet. Blah Blah Blah. So, that night I went to his house and he surprised me by saying he had reservations to our favorite Mediterranean restaurant. We arrived at the restaurant and were seated. I normally would order some type of mediterranean pasta dish or salad, but that night I felt like a nice brick oven pizza. This place had the BEST brike oven pizzas. So, our little waitress comes over and I said "I would like a pizza." She snapped back "we don't have those." So my date, being oh so sweet, replied "oh, you're not serving them tonight because it is Valentine's Day." She snapped back "no, we're never serving them again." So we quickly picked something off the "special" Valentine's menu and she went to place our order. We commented on how sad it was that they had discontinued their pizzas. We continued our meal (which was very nice by the way because this was our FAVORITE Mediterranean place) and left happy. The next week we were at his basketball game and I was talking to a good friend of mine. She asked me what we did and I told her. She said, "But that place is closed." And I said, "No, I promise we ate there." She replied, "Well, then it closed the next day because my roommate was a waitress (now unemployeed) there." Apparently they stayed open through Valentine's Day and then closed. So, while I am still not a fan of the holiday I am glad that I was dating someone then who was so I got to have one final meal at that restaurant. Plus it's a great story to tell.
Workout Day #2: No workout. Just work. Lots and lots of work. I'll be back tomorrow.


Nancy Face said...

That was such a funny story...except for the part about the grumpy waitress! :0

Thanks for sharing! :)

annie said...

We just went to the restaurant that we had our wedding rehearsal dinner at years ago because it is closing. I too was glad for one last meal there (:
Thanks for sharing your story!

annie said...

p.s. I hope someday you ♥ V-day!

Patriot said...

I am also not a Valentine's Day girl, and I can understand your resistance to celebrating the day! Pretty good story, though. ;o)