Monday, January 07, 2008

White Chocolate Moments

I confess, I love white chocolate. I know it really isn't chocolate, but seriously. The whiter the better. If you give me dark chocolate I will give it right back. But give me some white chocolate and I'm a happy girl. I remember Tony went to Switzerland once and brought back some heavenly white chocolate candies from Nestle. Amazing I tell you. Simply amazing. Maybe it was my love of white chocolate that drew me to the book "White Chocolate Moments" by Lori Wick. I have always enjoyed Lori Wick books, but this was one of my favorites. A young girl loses her parents in a car crash and moves in with her grandfather. As she grows they have time together eating white chocolate. Hence the book title "White Chocolate Moments." I also like how Lori Wick always shares the gospel in each of her books in simple, easy to understand language. So, if you are looking for a good fiction book to read, I highly recommend this one.

I am going to start posting my workouts on my blog so I can track them (and my 5-7 readers can help keep me accountable!)

Workout Day #1 - Walk 2 - Run 15 @ 5.5 - Walk 3


Nancy Face said...

YAY! I love white chocolate more than just about anything! My daughter loves dark chocolate, and I just don't get it! ;)

Jenny-up the hill said... need to join CFBA because you're writing reviews anyway! lol!! And it's Dark Choc. for me...the white is just ok....