Monday, January 21, 2008

Reconstructing Natalie

Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas I visited the $5 Christian book store in glorious West Town Mall. During my time there I picked up the book "Reconstructing Natalie" by Laura Jenson Walker. It was one of the Women of Faith books. As a self-proclaimed queen of chick-lit novels, I have read several books by this group and this one looked good. I knew it was about a girl who had breast cancer, but I didn't realize how it would hit home with me. No, I don't have cancer nor do any of my friends at this time. But I realized two things reading this book: 1) if I ever have cancer I hope I face it with the bravery of Natalie and 2) I hope if I ever have a friend in a position such as this that I will support that friend as Natalie's friends supported her. So, if you are a girl who digs a good book I highly recommend this one to you. I hope you will laugh and cry with Natalie as she braves the highs and lows in this book.


Lauren said...

Ooo, It sounds good. I need to add that to my list.

Jenny-up the hill said...

Our pastor's wife said this book was awesome too! You need to join Christian Fiction Blog get free Christian Fiction books in exchange for a review like you've done in this post. You have a specified three-day period(blog tour) in which to post the review. A lot of the books are Chick-Lit. and did I mention that the books are FREE?!