Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To Let Them In (or Not)

Have you ever met someone who fascinated you but you weren't sure if you wanted to let them into your life or not? I've really found myself struggling lately with whether or not to open up a place in my life for someone. It's not that I think the person is bad, but it's the knowledge that it is a friendship that can't last for always. It would be temporary. Is it worth the temporary fun that could be had knowing that it could possibly end as quickly as it begins? Or knowing that I know the reason it would end? I guess I've faced so much loss in the last two years that I don't know that I want to let someone in who could walk away just as quickly. But these are my thoughts. My random thoughts. Thoughts I must pray on and seek His guidance in the situation.

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Anonymous said...

Why not give it a try? You say it's temporary now, but you never know what lies in the future. People and circumstances have a habit of changing when you least expect it. Worst case scenario, you've gained one more friend (even if temporarily) and that's not usually a bad thing.