Sunday, August 10, 2008

99 Cents or No Cents

I am a big fan of iTunes for several reasons. For one, I have a love affair with my iPod. It's always there for me. The iPod of choice now is a Classic (80 GB.) My first was a pink Mini but they don't make those now. If I would just buy a new battery I'd still carry it around because it's pink. And I love it. The second rason I love iTunes is I can still listen to Pastor Hollie through podcasts. It's that little bit of home I can get each week without driving 6 hours to church. If only I could get the choir on those podcasts too I'd be even happier.) And the last reason I love iTunes is because I love to listen to Top 40 radio (Country, Pop, Christian, etc.) and if I hear a song I like I go buy it. It's 99 cents. Love this! However, nothing irks me more than not being able to buy an artists song on iTunes. For example, I own every. single. Garth Brooks albumn out there. So, did I want to buy his latest and greatist hits albumn just for the 3 new songs. Nope. I wanted to buy them on iTunes for a total of $2.97 because I had all the other songs. But Garth doesn't allow that. So I buy nothing. I'm not going to spend $15-20 on a CD I own 90% of the music on. I'll spend $2.97 but that's it. I'm not going to get suckered into the other music just because you want more money for yourself. Same thing with Kid Rock. I really wanted to buy his song "All Summer Long" but he, too, wants me to buy his whole CD. Don't think so. I'm sure the lyrics and words are completely inappropriate and I'm not getting it. I just like the one song. So, I won't be spending $10-15 on the whole CD. I'm not sure if the artists understand they are probably losing money overall. Or people are downloading illegally off the internet rather than the artist getting the 99 cents. I'm not one of those people, but I can't really say I blame those who do.

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