Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Thank You!

Thank you to:

My Heavenly Father, who blessed me by allowing me to be born free.
My father, who served in Vietnam.
My grandfather, who served in WWII.
My cousin, who served in Iraq during the first Gulf War.
My cousin, who served in times of peace.
To my friends who have served.
To those who gave their life so that I might enjoy the life I have.
To all those who serve and have served.

I thank you and pray that God will give you a peace about what you are doing and that you know you are doing it because it is part of His plan for your life. Thank you!!!!!

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Just_da_clay said...

I too am thankful for all those who have gone before us and stood in the gap for us. I am thankful that I can talk to people about Christ and not be put in jail. I am espically thankful for the Love of Christ and his direction in my life.
I am thankful for young people that share the love of Christ by their lives and "go against the flow". I am so honored to know young women like this!! You know who you are. T&T