Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Adventures of J and C

This past weekend my friend J and I went to Brevard, NC, to visit with her parents. Fortunately for you who read this blog, we kept a travel log so you could experience the high points of the trip with us. Get ready for the read!


18:23 - J said, "Generic protein shakes taste like a cross between c---t and Goodwill underwear."
19:07 - C said, "Not all water tastes the same."
19:30 - Walter let one rip.
19:34 - J sat stiller.
20:18 - J lost her ability to sit stiller.


(The morning's travel log is MIA.)

14:35 - J demonstrated "Thinking woman's pose.
14:39 - Discovered hair/lint wad in rental car.
15:00 - 19:00 - Made sweet plates and cups.
19:29 - C was right.
19:34 - Wal-Mart has no movies.
19:55 - Belk closed.
20:01 - The town has officially shut down.
20:12 - Woman spotted in spandex shorts w/ lime green tube top.


11:30 - C knocked limeade into J's seat.
12:34 - J knocked over the cards. Twice.
13:17 - J rolled the window down with her foot.
16:09 - C said, "we need to make a list of things to get accomplished and done."
16:10 - J made list.
17:30 - Saw camel on the interstate.
18:32 - Bought sparklers: got 1 free!
18:55 - Girls from Oshkosh, WI, were "peeved."

And that was our adventure. I'm sure you wish you had been there. But at least we kept a travel log since you couldn't. Until the next adventures of C and J.


DCG said...

So this "camel on the interstate"...was it a free-roaming camel or what?

Tryphena said...

To Whom It May Concern: "c---t" is not a profane word and should not be treated as such. What will people think, Carrie?

Also, you forgot "free entertainment by mysterious lady in black at Cajun Restaurant."

Said camel was safely confined to a trailer. And no one got hurt.

Carrie said...

The "free entertainment by mysterious lady in black at Cajun Restaurant" is on the list I haven't found yet... UGH!

Just_da_clay said...

I admire that you can remember where most of the notes are. That would be a challange for me! Thanks for the mini vacation though your Blog if was fun.