Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bring Back the Bread

I don't care about the carbs, I don't care if it's whole wheat, honey wheat, white, enriched, etc. I just want the bread. Lately restaurants really jilt you on the bread portions. While A and I were in Hotlanta we had to ask for bread at one restaurant. One of my favorite restaurants in downtown K-town used to have the best cheese bread. Now they offer you a small (and very hard) roll as a replacement. Today I dined at Patin's Field of Greens. You guessed it. The tiniest crescent roll I have ever seen! I almost missed it beside the 1" cube of apple. Get a cup of soup at Panera? Barely enough bread for the first 5 bites. So, I say we start a petition and say "bring back the bread!"

1 comment:

PL said...

Panera always gives me a lot of bread. I can't believe they got stingy on you.