Thursday, July 06, 2006

Me Time

This afternoon I decided I had earned some me time. So I called around and got an appointment for a massage. WOW! It was amazing. Anyone who laughs at the idea of spending money on something like a masage has obviously never had one. It's a time when you have someone else focus on you for 60 minutes (or 30 or 90.) In college I got manicures once every two weeks. A guy in one of my class groups asked why I would do that. I simply explained that for one 30 minute period every two weeks someone focused on me and I focused on nothing. I didn't answer my phone, I wasn't studying or working, it was just for me. At the end of the conversation he decided he needed to find something he could do that was for him, and noone else. I miss those times and find that I don't spend the time pampering myself as much as I should these days. It seems I am always going and doing and I simply forget that in order to keep my energy level up I need those special times for myself. So, find something that "pampers" you and indulge yourself.

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