Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the following:

Baby Emma - she is not doing well. The doctors are very frustrated. She is not keeping her oxygen rates up well at all. She goes into the teens and 20s and stays there even when they bag her.

My Sister - pray that she will accept God's will no matter the outcome of this. She has been away from church for a long time and I pray she won't lose faith over this situation.

My Grandparents - they were both diagnosed with early stages of alzheimer's today. This means no more driving and someone is going to have to stay with them pretty much all of the time.

My mom - strength to be there for both my sister, her granddaughter, and her parents.

My mom and her sisters - pray for strength for them as they deal with their parents. They will take the worst of the yelling and fighting over lost independence.

I praise God that He will not give us more than we can handle and that He uses all things for His good and perfect will.

1 comment:

DCG said...

I've prayed for the peace and comfort of God to settle down upon you and your family. I'll keep praying for them (and you) too.