Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More Things I Am Thankful For

In an effort to overcome what I have deemed as a less than desirable Tuesday, I am going to take Wednesday to put down some things I am thankful for in regard to the prayer requests from yesterday.

1. I am thankful for getting to hold Baby Emma last Friday. She has the prettiest brown eyes (like her mama.) Such a pretty, sweet baby she is. I think I'll call her Babybug. After all, big Sister is Doodlebug.

2. My sister. I know we don't always get along (ok, we rarely get along), but she was my constant playmate growing up. We raced our bigwheels all over my parents farm.

3. The times that God has blessed me with being able to spend with my grandparents. Growing up it seems like the best place to visit. Whever we were sick mom always took us there. I have so many memories of being at their house when I was young. And the sayings that my papaw has left me with are priceless. I still treasure being able to go to their house now as an adult and entertain them once a week. I praise God He is giving me this time with them now so I have all the happy memories.

4. My mom. The rock in my sister's life and the best Nana her grandbabies could want. We may not always see eye to eye on things, but she raised me and I haven't done anything too bad yet. Besides, if it wasn't for her, who would my dad and I have made the butt of every joke growing up. We all know Jess couldn't take it.

5. My aunts. They have given above and beyond the call to take care of their parents. From getting called in the middle of the night, to going to my grandparents multiple times per day just to calm them down when they knew nothing was wrong. I hope I can be as good of a daughter as they are. (Note: I've told them all I will not be that good so they better find a good nursing home and get their applications in now!)

So, in light of all the downs, I'm thankful that God has allowed me to reflect on the negative and see the positive. It's all in His hands and He would never give us something that He didn't see fit into His perfect plan.


Just_da_clay said...

Carrie your coffie mug came out beautiful! We hope to get it to you next week! Your plates are in the kiln right now and hope to have them too!!

Tryphena said...

I admire how you are staying positive through all of this. Hang in there!