Friday, May 01, 2009

Pieces of Me

Do you know those people are are so intricately entwined in who you are that when they aren't there it is obvious a piece of you is missing?  Lately I have been missing this friend more than I care to admit to anyone.  Especially her.  It would not be fair to her to tell her.  After all, she's half-way around the world doing work that is so important to her without anyone she has known for more than a couple of months.  

I'm not sure why I miss her so much now.  Maybe it's because this is the time of year she and I started hanging out last year.  Maybe it is because So You Think You Can Dance commercials have started airing.  Maybe it is because it is beach weather and we went every single Saturday morning to walk on the beach for the last couple of months she was here.  Maybe it is because when things with work or my personal life were weird she always knew and listened and waited until I was ready to talk about it.  

I also have a bad habit now.  She was addicted to Colgate Kiss Me Mint toothpaste.  She also likes the bottles rather than the tubes.  So every drug store/super center I go into I look for it.  I actually found a bottle of it last month.  I was stoked.  But guess what?  I think it has been discontinued.  How do you tell your friend who is half way around the world that when she comes back, she will no longer have access to her favorite toothpaste?  Or that after this bottle I may not be able to ever ship her any, even in a tube?  Is it crazy that I just googled it and I could buy 10 bottles from a store online?  And I think I will buy it?  Maybe I should get 20 just in case.  Does toothpaste have an expiration date?

But the bottom line is I miss her.  I feel an emptiness in my life now that I am not sure I have experienced in a long time.  And I know that I will see her again.  Hopefully on her turf before she comes back here.  But if not, then I will see her again.  At some point.  Until then, I will just trust God with this piece of my life.  And know she is safe in His hands.  And so am I.


Grayquill said...

A great friendship for sure needs to be protected and it is great you have a friend you feel such kinmanship with. And, I know you did not ask for any advice but like most men, I think I can fix anything, especially when it doesn’t need fixing.
I am sure you have found this point of view to be an irrational place men come from but here I am about to cross that threshold of irrationality.
Your friend is half way around the world working with people she hardly knows. Imagine how encouraged she might feel and loved to know there was someone who missed her and to be reminded she was that important to another human being. There you go…now you are fixed.

Shanle said...

I will have to agree with Grayquill. Maybe you miss her so much because she needs you and your prayers right now. I know you miss her, but has great plans for both of you. I'm praying for you too!

Anonymous said...

I was browsing the internet because for a while I have been (tragically) been searching for that Kiss Me Mint toothpaste!! They got rid of the green kind too which was my second choice and I am quite sad. It's just nice to know somebody out there understands my qualms over a particular paste! (err, gel...) Have a lovely day. :)