Thursday, May 28, 2009

I <3 Fresh Veggies

One of the coolest things that I have had the opportunity to participate in since moving to my cool little community is a Community Support Agriculture (CSA) share with my neighbors. They actually signed up and were looking for someone to split the weekly vegetable box with them as it is a lot of food for 2 people. I was happy to have the opportunity. So for around $14 a week I get almost 1/2 a bushel of fresh, local vegetables. I'll admit some of the green, leafy vegetables are not my favorite but check out what I got this week:

I have already eaten each of these from earlier boxes and look forward to eating the newest delivery. I will pickle the beets, peel the carrots (yummy on their own or with hummus) and the squash will be grilled, fried, or sauteed. It is such a great feeling to be able to eat food that is good for me while supporting a local farm in their quest to provide fresh vegetables to the community. Especially since my dad's garden is 5 hours away and my sweet potatoes will not be ready for a couple of more months. (A big shoutout here to my dad who only planted the sweet potatoes because I like them. He loves me!) But until then, I am enjoying the early growing season the Charleston allows and the wonderfulness of the food I am eating.

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