Sunday, May 03, 2009


"[South Carolina] is home now.  I am home wherever God puts me, becuase I am in God's hands."

...."Home is family.  Home is friends."...

"Perhaps.  But to psend your entire life yearning for omething else, instead of surrendering to God's plans seems like a foreign land to me.  Home is peace.  And peace is being where God puts you."

-- excerpts from conversation between Heinrick and Lilly in the book Letters from the Enemy by Susan May Warren.  Location changed by me to apply to me.

I read this book a couple of weeks ago and this conversation really struck me.  In the conversation the two discuss the differences in God's plan verses their own plan for their life.  This is such an area in which I struggle.  I long to be back in Tennessee with my family and friends there.  But I know if I were there I would be out of God's will for me.  However, here, I long to know what that will is.  I know that if I could see my whole life plan for me I would not want to because half the joy in getting there is the experience along the way.  But still I wonder.  I have recently been reading through 1 Samual and it is really challenging me.  I love the story and am trying to just learn more about the Lord.  The thing that strikes me again and again and again as I read His word is that He didn't choose the rich and famous.  He didn't choose the well educated.  God chooses people.  As the song says "red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight."  God loves us all.  And He has BIG plans for us all.  As long as we stay home.  Home where He calls us to be.  Not where we desire to be.  

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Jesse and Leslie said...

so true! I loved that definition of home! thanks for sharing C! So proud of you for hearing and obeying God's voice. ILY!