Friday, May 29, 2009

Fave Friday Five - TV Shows I'm Missing

If you stopped by the blog this week you saw me mention that I wanted to start something new this Friday. I'm not sure how long I can keep this up, but I thought it would be something do for a few weeks. On Fridays I'm goign to pick a category and give you 5 things that fit into it. No order necessarily, just five items on Friday. I'm going to start out this week with 5 TV shows I am missing now that EVERYTHING I watch is in summer hiatus.

1. Gossip Girl -- Let me tell you how happy this season made me. Well, at least the storyline with Blair and Chuck. The first episode of the season Blair tried to get Chuck to say "3 little words." All season we watched them battle back and forth and the season ended in the greatest way. I know this means that next sesaon will be all kinds of difficult, but I'm pulling for those two like I pulled for Joey and Pacey all those years ago.

2. NCIS -- My love for this show could be summed up in one word: Jethro. However, I'll give you more. The chemistry the actors on this show have with one another and the storylines keep me coming back week after week. From the quirkiness of Abby and Duckey to the underlying chemistry between Tony and Ziva this show is constantly putting more mystery in the storyline while keeping the interest level high.

3. Ugly Betty -- I love this show. I love that although they are making fun of the ugly duckling, that the character perseveres and does not let the rude comments get her down. Throw in the humor of Mark and Amanda, and the neverending adventures of Daniel and the scheming of Wilhelmina and it never gets dull.

4. How I Met Your Mother -- This show has some of the greatest one liners. Some of the funniest episodes of this show include the time Lily moved into Barney's apartment, the introduction of Robin Sparkles, and the episode where Ted tricked Barney and Marshall into thinking he had a crush on one of them. I look forward to when we find out exactly who the mother is, but in the interim it is fun to watch the group live and love in NYC.

5. LOST -- Only one season left. And honestly I think that is the only reason I miss it. I feel like I have invested too much of my life into this show to quit it, so I miss it because I want the next season to get here so it can be over. I know that sounds lame, but I'm team Sawyer and the time travel gets on my last nerve.

So, there you go. I can't promise the list will always be this long, but I'm going to try it for a few weeks. Have a great (and safe) weekend!


Adam Byram said...

I'm with you on LOST - I liked the time travel, but now it's just stupidly complex. Maybe it'll be great in the end or maybe it won't, but at this point, I might as well watch the final season. I just hope they answer some of the questions...there are still way too many open questions from season 1 even.

Shanle said...

How about House? We watched the 2008 season finally last night (which we hadn't seen), and it was sad. The one about him being on the bus accident (actually 2 episodes). Maybe I can get caught up this summer!

Kerri said...

I'm with you on #2 and #4... NCIS... such a great show and Jethro... totally hot in his silver haired old-ish guy ways. :-)

This summer be sure to check out Burn Notice, Psych, Monk and a new USA show... Royal Pains. Can't remember which of these you may already watch... but they are great new shows to combat the summer re-run season!