Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Tomorrow, August 9, is National Underwear Day. Yes, you heard it here first. It's a day to celebrate in your skivvies. Now, I recommend that you celebrate in the privacy of your own home. But in Manhattan they will be celebrating in the streets. So go home, wash your favorite pair, and celebrate in style tomorrow. But if you leave your house, please put clothes on. And always remember what your mother said, "Put on clean underwear in case you are in a wreck." Everyone knows how much worse it is to have a wreck with dirty undies.

For more information on this topic, read Sam Venable's column.


Tryphena said...

Oh, Carrie, you are so random.

jdoriot said...


You didn't tell me you were a blogger!

We celebrated National Underwear Day by doing school in our drawers! I guess I need to explain that we homeschool which makes sitting around in your underwear a lot easier!!

Oh, btw, thanks for linking to Gus' Gang...you are so nice!!