Thursday, August 10, 2006


Pray for my poor mother as she decides which path to take in life. She has been teaching special ed for 31 years. However, the emotional toll of the past 8 months on her life coupled with the discipline problems of the children in her classroom are really taking a toll on her mentally and physically. I got an email from her just a few moments ago saying she had been bitten. I was shocked at first but then I remembered she told me that one of her kids this year is a biter, kicker, hitter. It's only the second day of school and my mom is on her way to the doctor because the child bit her and it broke the skin. The sad part is, because of state laws, you can't even punish the child. I pray my mother can find a way to retire. This is no way for her to be treated on a daily basis and I fear that things will only get better if she sticks around.

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Just_da_clay said...

Carrie I am so sorry to hear about what happened at school to your mom. Sadly that is where we are in education. We face that espically in special education. I am also unsure how to handle those same problems. I know children today suffer abuse uheard of in the past and it is coming out in this kind of behavior.
I believe it to be more of a medical problem and as a teacher I am not trained to handle. I will pray for your mom and all of your schools. 106.9 the light radio station has started doing a PTA Pray for Teaches,studenst and the schools. May check out the internet and add her school to the list. You pick 3 schools to pray for daily.