Saturday, August 12, 2006

Patience Part 2

So, yesterday I said I was praying for patience. I also said I would catch every red light on my way home. Well, I didn't catch many red lights because there aren't a lot between my work and my house. However, last night my friends A and K joined me for a car trip to Memphis. There are no traffic lights on the interestate so one would think we were safe from my prayer for patience. However, we hit three traffic jams. At one point we sat barely inching forward for about 30-40 minutes. I shared at this point that I had prayed for patience. My friends were not happy. I was not minding the wait as I was enjoying the visiting time for them, but they minded. It was all my fault. I did learn one area of my life that I need to work on having more patience: slow cars in the fast lane. Now, one would think a girl who doesn't mind sitting in traffic would not be irritated by having to go slow in the fast lane. But it bothers me. So now I'm praying to have more patience with the slow cars in the fast lane. It will be a process, but an area I know God can work with me in. So, today I am still praying for patience...just don't tell A or K or I might be driving home by myself tomorrow!


Just_da_clay said...

Drive slow and get home safe that is what is important! I like that you used the time to visit.
Time well spent in my book!

BrownSugar said...


Please take note that the next time that you pray for patience, please make sure that I will not be in the car with you for seven hours. Just was the best seven hours of my year. ;-)