Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sometimes I wish this blog were completely anonymous. That you didn't know anything about the person who writes it. And maybe you don't. Maybe you've stumbled onto it from some corner of the universe. But I know a lot of my 10 readers in person so sometimes I don't want to just put everything out there. But here's what I do know. I know that if this blog were anonymous I would tell you that I wish I'd never met him. But then I'd tell you that he is perhaps one of the neatest people I've ever met. Then I'd tell you there are lots of reasons why he should not be part of my life, with one of them being big. Then I'd tell you how much I love talking to him, and how sometimes those conversations are that glimpse into a relationship I wish I had. And then I'd tell you how I know I'm setting myself up to get hurt. And then I'd tell you how I know, but yet it feels so good to feel again. But since this blog is not anonymous, you don't know any of this.

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Shanle said...

I love you my sister. Can't wait to see you. I'm gonna give you a hug!