Sunday, August 08, 2010

And If You Haven't Had Enough

A couple of weeks ago I wrote you an itinerary of what we'd do if you came to visit me. And I knew someone would want to know what day #2 includes. And yes, I knew who would question this. And they did. Love you guys!

For day #2 I suggest a carriage ride. And I suggest going with the Old South Carriage Co. I have done two tours now and this one was much more professional than the first. It takes about an hour and gives a good overview of one of three areas in downtown Charleston. It's always fun to learn something new and this is a great way to see a good bit of the downtown without having to walk it all.

If you're wanting some more history then a visit to the H.L. Hunley is in order. Lost for over 100 years, the first submarine to ever sink an enemy ship in battle was found off the coast of Charleston. A recovery project to restore the ship and learn more about it is just a few minutes drive from my home. To see and learn how this small vessel was able to tackle such an incredible task is very interesting if you're into history and random facts. And you know I'm all about the random facts.

The second day of your trip can also include some time for relaxing on the beach. The coastline at Isle of Palms always offers the relaxing sound of waves and walks along the water include views of some gorgeous homes.

Dining Options:

Breakfast - Charleston's Cafe
Lunch - One of the options you didn't eat the day before
Supper -- Coast Bar & Grill if you're feeling like seafood, Basil if you'd like something spicy


Whitney said...

Thanks for the all of the eating options! We have not eaten at many places because we don't know where to go. We tried Jack's Cosmic Dogs last week and loved it! We will go back, and we might have to try some more of your suggestions! Thanks friend, see you tonight!

Shanle said...

Nice second day. I may have to come sometime soon just for some relaxation and food!