Monday, June 12, 2006


Ah, the female brain. Such a complex subject. I think as women we often wonder what is going on up there as much as men do. However, we now have new insight as to why women process things so differently than men do: women are constantly focused on many things while men focus on a single item. Now, I know what you are thinking, "Men have a one track mind." Yes, it's true. If a man is working on something, he will be completely consumed on that one item. Women however always have multiple thoughts running through their heads.

And this is where I get back on my soapbox about whatever happened to Mrs. Cleaver.

I believe that what I know now about how the female brain focuses on many things at once while the male brain is single-task oriented backs up my theory of women being homemakers and men being the breadwinners as the ideal lifestyle. Women being able to multitask leads them to being able to care for a child, clean a house, cook dinner, wash clothes, and still have time to make some chocolate chip cookies all in a days work. However, men being able to focus on one task leads them to be better at business: they can enter a meeting and focus solely on the task at hand, making wise decisions, and doing what they are programmed to do best.

Now, before you all get hostile on me, I think some women make very good and successful business women. However, I don't believe the majority of women are capable of the determination and single-mindedness that it requires. And I also know men who stay at home and keep a perfectly functioning, well run house. But, I'm going to stick to my theory that well run households are made up of a husband who works outside the home and a wife who works inside the home. Each are putting in well over 40 hours per week.


Tryphena said...

Carrie, I'm glad you added that last disclaimer paragraph; I disagree with the idea of an "ideal lifestyle" (in the sense of women are happiest when they are stay-at-home moms). While it's true that women are likely the best candidates for raising children, etc, some of us have neither the desire nor the talent for homemaking or children (yes, I realize this is a minority group, but we shouldn't be overlooked).

I don't think that the "ideal lifestyle" is a formulaic scheme for happiness; our real "ideal lifestyle" consists of living fully, whether as a homemaker, student, or career woman, being content with the path God has shown us thus far.

Carrie said...

I put the disclaimer in because I know 100% of the people do not feel this way. I also know there are women who are very successful in business. But not usually in both business and a family which includes children. However, there are always exceptions, and each to their own opinion.