Monday, June 19, 2006

Extraordinary Cousins

I spent Friday and Saturday in Atlanta with some close friends and my cousin J. I blogged about J's brother D in my previous blog. I found it facinating he held the record for most hit batters by a pitch in the ODAC. Well, I failed to mention his sister is equally as talented. Below are just a few of the things J has done well in her short life:

1) She hit 7 batters in the first softball game she ever pitched.
2) She has survived being run over by a boat (life jackets really do save lives!)
3) Her t-ball team consistently ranks last (or at least near the bottom) in their league
4) Had her dad had his way, her initials would have been ARG (pirate speak) and she coaches the pirates. However, her initals are JGG and that just isn't as exciting.
5) She's the youngest grandchild. It's always the hardest to be the youngest. (For more info on this, ask friend J.)

I am sure there are many more facinating things about J I am leaving out, but one can only blog on such a facinating person for so long. So, hat's of to J. You are far cooler than your brother. After all, he has it so rough as the only male grandchild.

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Tryphena said...

The boat thing is still my favorite.

That's right; it's not easy being should try it some time.