Monday, June 05, 2006


The pig roast was a success! We had approximately 45-50 people attend the event. D, S, A, J, and I started the party 24 hours early with a small chicken roast. Then it was time for the boys to dig the hole. From 9-10:30 p.m. they were able to get the majority of the hole dug. J and I went down to visit about 10:30. The guys leveled it out some then the rains came so we headed to the house to relax. A little after midnight everyone turned in for the night. The guys got back up at 2:30 and started digging again to level the hole out. Then it was time to light the first bag of charcoal. About 14 hours later the guys pulled the most delectible pork out of that hole I have ever eaten. I look forward to experiencing this again next year and hope that this tradition will retain its vigor next year.

Learnings from the weekend:
1) D makes a killer bbq sauce.
2) Sasquatch did not find us. He must not live near Walland because I know we made enough noise.
3) Red recluse spiders are more poisonous than brown recluse. *
4) I still don't like the sound of guns being shot.
5) I am better at croquet than J. Finally something I can do better than she can!
6) A pedicure at Wal-Mart is the best there is.
7) 2 pecans and a strawberry make a filling breakfast.
8) Nothing on earth is better than good times spent among my Christian friends. Thank you all for the wonderful weekend.

* Note: there is no such thing as a red recluse. Please don't tell A though. He thinks they are very bad.

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