Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Growing up vacation time seemed endless. You got out of school in the late May/early June time frame and had at least 2 months of vacation. Plus there was Spring Break and Christmas Break with a few long weekends in between. Now I have 17 days of vacation. The game now is to figure out the best way to monopolize those 17 days along with holidays to get the most time off.

It just hit me that God never takes a vacation. Yes, He created the earth and all that is within it in 6 days and then rested on the 7th, but He doesn't get any vacation days. He is on the job 24/7. Listening to our prayers, working in our lives, guiding us down the path of our life. We however, do not give Him the same devotion. We turn to Him when the path is rocky or when we hit a fork in the road. His desire is for us to dance with Him down the straight, wide-open paths as well. He desires that we take a vacation from our daily lives and just spend time with Him. That vacation time is way more important than the 17 days I have accumulated in an Earthly job. My prayer is for more vacation time with God. He will give me the rest I need.

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