Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Lost Art

I went to see the movie "The Lake House" last night. This movie got me to thinking about the lost art of letter writing. Now, the letters in this movie were nothing grand, but still, the two people communicated through letters. In my favorite book, "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks, Noah Calhoun wrote Alli a letter every day for 1 year when she left town abruptly. She never receives the letters when they are sent, but years later her mother gives them to her. Who would do that now? Someone might shoot off an email or two, but write a letter? Probably not going to happen. How long has it been since someone wrote you a letter? Thankfully I have a friend who loves writing letters to people. In fact, I received one upon my return from vacation. It means so much to see that a person sat down and using a pen (not a typewriter or word processor) wrote me a letter. Imagine that? Someone wrote me, non-impressive little old Carrie, a letter. WOW! I felt so special. Yes, sometimes I receive an email from a friend I don't speak to often and it means a lot to me, but a letter in the mail...that has a special place in my life. I save these letters. I have them in a folder at my house along with birthday cards from my family. They can travel with me wherever I go and I don't need a phone line or high-speed internet to read them. The can be read at anytime and anywhere. So, here's to letterwriting. Hopefully I will write more letters myself in the coming months. I want others to feel special also.

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