Wednesday, July 07, 2010

We Are Family

Lately I've thought a lot about family. What is family? Two definitions of family are as follows:
  1. a group of persons of common ancestry
  2. a group of people united by certain convictions or common affiliation

I love my family as defined by #1. They have shaped so much of whom I am today. And I would do anything for any of them . But I think there is something to be said for the group who fall into #2. These people may not be related by blood or share a common DNA, but sometimes they shape us, the love us through the pretty and the ugly, and they leave footprints on our lives that will always be visible. So, I'd like to tell you about some of my family #2. The ones who've been there the past few years and have made an impact that will be long lasting.

S&S -- You can read about them here and here and here. And as much as I loved and respected the two of them then, the love and respect has only deepened over the years. I know that I can pick up the phone and call Shanle to tell her about my deepest secret, my happiest joys, and my random rants. We can talk about 200 things in the course of 5 minutes and know everything that was said. It's through her that I got my title "RandomCarrie" because I don't know that we've ever discussed one item for more than 3 minutes straight unless it was really important. They are my family.

J&A -- Jeremy and I have been friends for 3 years. He married Amy. Praise the Lord. She's perfect for him. Jeremy is like the brother I never had. We've vacationed together, we've watched chick flicks together, and we've watched Dumb & Dumber together. His idea, not mine. He was my wedding date when one was needed and last Summer I had the pleasure of watching him marry his perfect mate. We don't get together as much as possible, but when we do, it's great. My heart is currently breaking for Jeremy as his father passed away unexpectedly today. But I think that's part of being family. We hurt for each other.

A -- I've told you about Arynda before. Many, many times but this one is my favorite. We may not get to talk as much as we used to, but her faithfulness to the calling of serving others always sticks with me. And when I had to pick up and move 5.5 hours away, she immediately said she would go with me to move so I didn't have to go by myself. Her gift of service in such a selfless manner is still an inspiration to me. Now, if I could just get her to learn the word "No"... She is my sister.

A2 -- I don't know if I've told you much about Autumn. Our friendship was cemented through Gmail chat. She served two years in the Peace Corp in Cambodia. And I served 6 months of extreme lonliness here in the Low Country. And God let us cry on each others shoulders, laugh at each other antics, and develop a friendship that 10 years ago would not have existed, but PTL for technology it does. She's that special someone whom I know I can count on for keeping it real. And for telling me in plain English what is going on in the political world both domestic and international. A future CJ Cregg.

Tomorrow I am going to introduce you to the newest members of my family. These are people whom I didn't even know 7 months ago and I have now vowed to love through thick and thin, pretty and ugly, no matter what we may go through.


Shanle said...

Thanks Kari. We love you too and are glad to see you when you come to town. I love getting to talk to you on the way home also. You are definitely one of my family #2 members also. Love you!

Autumn said...