Sunday, July 11, 2010

My New Family

So, in my previous entry I introduced you to some people who have been part of my extended family for a period of time long enough that they are pretty much stuck with me. Sorry guys!

Now for the new members of my family.

Mike, Whitney, and the boys -- You can meet them here. They are the leaders of my community group. And we also went to the same college. While Mike and Whitney met and fell in love, I didn't know either of them. Whitney and I knew some mutual friends and Mike and I made to sure take every class in the College of Business. But alas, 8 years after we graduated our paths crossed and I love these two dearly. It's great to have people in our present who can also understand part of our past. Mike and I share some similar sentiments of our time at TTU so we can relate on what warped us during those college years. Whitney is a bookworm so it's always fun to share books and discuss what we read. Top if all of with a shared love of Christ and it's win/win. Plus they are about to have a baby (any. day. now) and we all know how much I love babies!

Benji, Lauren, B and baby -- Lauren was the first person to really welcome me into River Church. She's the cutest thing you've ever seen. Really, I've never seen her look bad even when she was moving boxes into their (super-cute) new house. Benji played minor league baseball so it's like having a mini-celebrity in our midst every week. Just kidding, he's in no way conceited. It's awesome to get to talk to someone who got to live out a childhood dream of being in the leagues (even if it wasn't the big leagues.) They bring a real heart for their friends to grow closer in their faith and it's great to hear how God is moving in those relationships each week.

Stephen, Annette, and the kids -- I told you to read Annette's blog a few posts ago. Guys, I'm sorry, I should have said it was for the girls. It's true. It's really not guys reading material. I apologize. I never leave this couple's presence without truly seeing something so God-like and God-minded. I know they have no idea what impact they have made on me and words could not even begin to desribe it. I watch them constantly be obidient to God's calling even if it means wondering how the dollars will stretch the entire month, but knowing that they are where they are supposed to be and that's the ultimate goal. To be where we are supposed to be, no matter the circumstances. And the circumstances, they will show up. Just ask Stephen or Annette. They'll tell you.

And there are so many more. Danna and Corey, Candise, Zhenya, Todd and Lori, and more. To say I have been blessed is an understatement. This group of people has finally made the place I've lived for the past 2 1/2 years finally feel like it might be home to me.

Thought don't think I've forgotten you Tennessee...


Whitney said...

Carrie...I feel honored that you think of us as your family. Please know that we feel the same way about you. I have had so much fun getting to know you over the past few months. Your smile, funny comments and advice make you an absolute pleasure to be around. I love that you are a bookworm too! Love you girl!

Annette said...

I'm in tears. Literally. I love you, dear Carrie. are family to us too! :)