Monday, July 05, 2010

Monday Musings

  1. I had 5 cubic yards of mulch delivered on Friday. As of tonight there are still 5 cubic yards of mulch piled on my parking pad. Tomorrow that pile will hopefully shrink by at least .5 cubic yards.
  2. I hate weeds. Seriously, they are a thorn in my side. Thankfully I have not encountered any with thorns so that is not a literal thorn in my side.
  3. There are bats in my attic. They will not leave. I'm becoming anti-bat because they are doing nothing to help the mosquito population.
  4. I have mosquito bites. So many I have lost count. Including one I got between my pointer and middle fingers walking to my car the other day. I hate mosquitoes.
  5. My pastor's oldest daughter M completely made my day the other day when she ran up to me at Wal-Mart, made me pick her up, then had to hug me and talk to me the whole way out the store. Love that kid. She also wanted to come home with me last night, but she doesn't want to live with me. She's going to give me her little sister N though.
  6. I love all my kids at church. Seriously. Every single, stinking one of them. And some of them, well they wear diapers and they stink. Literally. But PTL for Huggies and wetwipes. They can redeem their cute, snuggliness.
  7. I have booked a trip here for later this year:
  8. I am on vacation tomorrow. Guess what that means? Yep, I have to log on and check some jobs for work to make sure people do their jobs. But I refused to do so today because it's a holiday. I checked my email for critical items and that is all. Go me.


Adam said...

I have the same issue with mosquitoes...if I step outside for 30 seconds and one is nearby, it apparently drops whatever it's doing and comes to find/bite me. My Mom is the same way, but my Sister and Dad apparently have some type of mosquito cloaking device.

Kerri said...

Sorry you are having so many outdoor issues!! I just ignore the yard... which probably isn't the best solution either. :-) And can I just say that I am totally jealous you are going to Seattle!!!! One of my favorite cities. You have to go here and eat pastries for me. I will not ask you to ship me any but you must eat some for me. :-)
Hope you enjoyed your day off.