Sunday, November 09, 2008

29 Things about Shanle

1. She's a friend from God. Only He could grant me such a blessing.
2. She calls me "Kari"
3. She loves Salsarita's over Moe's
4. She's going to be a nurse practitioner
5. Then she's going to Italy for 3 weeks!
6. She married the oh-so-marvelous Shay.
7. Her wedding had the most amazing punch ever.
8. She keeps (kept) a Cracker Barrel map in her glove box.
9. We ordered Cracker Barrel to go on our way to Memphis
10. She always "pokes" me on FaceBook
11. She's the only one I "poke" back
12. She's real. In the purest of ways. The way a friend should be.
13. She's a great listener.
14. She wasn't afraid to leave her husband for the night to come to the mountains to celebrate my birthday with me 2 years ago.
15. Fried okra is one of her comfort foods.
16. She had me email Kerri to find out about how she does
her hair so she could copy it.
17. I'm still waiting on a picture of that haircut (other than a
cellphone picture).
18. She lets me crash at her house when I come to town.
19. She calls me on her way home from work. It's our time to catch up.
20. We have phone dates when Shay goes out of town.
21. She had an email per day from me the last time she went to Kenya.
22. She doesn't judge me for my rants and past mistakes.
23. She bought Shay a life-size stuffed dog because he's
allergic to real dogs.
24. She loves surprises.
25. She prays for God to do God-sized things in her life.
26. She has an amazing Christmas tree.
27. She lets me dye her hair.
28. She is one of my most loyal blog-readers.
29. Today's her birthday!!!! Here's to another wonderful year friend.

I love you!!!!

1 comment:

Shanle said...

Thanks Kari!
I do still have a Cracker Barrel map in my glove compartment. You also are the only person I "poke" back. I also got a brand new camera for my birthday from Shay so maybe I can send you that pic soon! Sorry it has taken me so long. You absolutely give great birthday gifts. Thanks! I love you!