Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Monday Night Football

Ok, I have never been a big football fan. And when I watch it my team is Auburn. Mom made me pick a team so I did. Go Tigers. However, I did find myself looking forward to Monday night’s match up of Ohio State and Florida. I have personal reasons for not wanting Ohio State to win. I had however, resigned myself to the fact they probably would. Needless to say, I'm old so I did not stay up for the whole game, but went to bed when Florida had a comfortable lead 24-14 in the second quarter. When I got up this morning and heard Florida won, I had two reactions. The first one was excitement because the team I was pulling for won. The second, disappointment. I mean, these are supposed to be the #1 and #2 teams in the country and the final score was 41-14. That is not a game. That is like a high-school team taking on a peewee team. I (who in the past have never really cared) am completely in favor of an overhaul to the BCS championship structure. Next year I would like to force myself to stay up to see a real game played, not go to bed in the second quarter due to boredom.

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PL said...

Is there no possible way to convert you to the Vols? I mean really... :)